Shipping Policy

Please Note, that all costs including shipping will be shown before you confirm the final stage of your purchase.

The following is dependent on the availability at our manufacturers. For example, some orders of certain size and colour combinations may not be always be available or may take longer to fulfill as they will need to communicate with their other fulfillment centres.

Our manufacturers take 2-7 days to fulfill the order. Add to this the actual shipping time and this is the estimated time between your order and delivery.

Orders shipped from our manufacturer in Europe

(PLEASE NOTE: The Express option in Europe requires a contact phone number be entered at checkout)


Orders shipped from our manufacturer in the USA


For your convenience, we have tried to narrow down the average estimated shipping times. Please note however, that the shipping times listed below are set by the manufacturer and are subject to change at their discrection (i.e. in times of unpredictable events or spikes in demand). They are provided to us as the 'average' and 'usual' times:

USA: 2-5 Days

UK: 2-5 Days

France: 2-5 Days

Canada: 6-10 Days

Australia: 12-14 Days

New Zealand: 14 Days

China: 8-12 Days

Mexico: 8-14 Days

Africa: 8-14 Days

South America: 8-14 Days

Central Europe: 2-6 Days

Eastern Europe: 2-10 Days

Southern Europe: 3-8 Days

Northern Europe: 5-9 Days

Russian Federation: 7-12 Days

India and the Middle East: 6-11 Days

These times are estimates and encompass the minimum and maximum possible delivery times for all countries in that region as listed by our manufacturer. However, areas providing no estimates for our manufacturers (due to minimal purchases coming from that region) are not accounted for above. Such areas include but are not limited to: Some countries in Africa; Some countries in South America and Some Countries in the Middle East.