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Shipping Policy

Please Note, that all costs including shipping will be shown before you confirm the final stage of your purchase.

The following is dependent on the availability at our manufacturers. For example, some orders of certain size and colour combinations may not be always be available at the nearest fulfillment centre.

Our manufacturers estimated times for fulfillment and delivery are as follows:

UK: 4-8 business days

US: 6-9 business days

Canada: 5-8 business days

Mexico: 9-11 business days

Australia: 5-8 business days

France: 3-5 business days

Germany: 7-12 business days

Italy: 6-13 business days

Spain: 3-6 business days

China: 11-13 business days

UAE: 11-21 business days

Russia: 16-26 business days

Again, we impress upon you that this may change depending on things such as availability, order size and around busy periods such as Christmas.

Please check our FAQ's for information on the item being undelivered due to incorrect address, etc.